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  • Do I need a deposit?
    No deposits are needed for 1 - 2 hour sressions with under 7 people. Weddings and larger events that require a contract may need a deposit.
  • Is there a travel fee?
    If I can, I'll avoid any travel fees. However, sometimes spending more time on the road means more costs for me! If I need to charge you for travel, I will be reasonable about it. Tyipcally I say anything over 45 minutes from 19344 there is a small travel charge.
  • How do I get my photos after my session?
    White Willow uses You'll get your own gallery that I will email to you. In that gallery , all your pictures will be easily accessable. You can download them one by one or as a large group. After you download them by following the instructions, you may print them wherever you would like. Please be sure to use pro lab quality printing!
  • Where should I print? Are any prints included in my package price?
    I am able to keep my rates lower than others because my package includes only the time we spend together and the promised digital files. I do not include printing in my rates. I also am not going to include a USB drive, unless you ask for one, in which case I can discuss the pricing with you. Printing is the most important part! If you take your images I give you and print them just anywhere, you may not be happy with the result. I would recommend first looking for a local pro lab where you can get to know the people who are doing your photos! Most local places you can upload online and go in to pick the photos up or even have them mailed to you. A good example of a local lab would be Lee's Camera in Ephrata! There prints are beautiful! And their prices are reasonable. If you would like to order online try Of course , as always- just call or message me with questions!
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